Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018


9.67 Windlesham has two separately defined settlement areas. The area based around Snows Ride is the more northerly of the two and is largely residential. The older settlement area is the more southerly Windlesham Village which contains the village's centre at Updown Hill which provides retail uses and local services.

9.68 Windlesham Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan for Windlesham. The future development of Windlesham will be considered in the emerging Windlesham Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan will need to be in conformity with the general strategic policy approach set out in the Local Plan.

9.69 The reserve housing site at Heathpark Wood has now been granted planning permission. The site currently lies in Countryside beyond the Green Belt and it is proposed to extend the settlement boundary to include the site. This is to ensure a strong settlement boundary to this area of Windlesham.

9.70 The area of Updown Hill is designated as aConservation Area and there are a number of listed buildings within the Parish. There is also a Conservation Area at Church Road, which lies outside the settlement boundary.

9.71 Windlesham is identified as a Local Centre in terms of retail and associated uses.

9.72 Windlesham is home to two major employers, Eli Lilley and Fraser Nash.

9.73 Windlesham is served by limited public transport. Bagshot is the closest rail station although nearby Sunningdale station has a more frequent service to London Waterloo and Reading.

Preferred Local Area Policy Approach for Windlesham

The preferred approach seeks to ensure that new development within Windlesham respects and recognises the character of the area by having local area policies that:


  • Amends the settlement boundary of Windlesham to include Heathpark Wood site
  • Ensures development sites that may come forward reflect the historic character of the area and Green Belt designation around the defined settlement areas
  • Recognises opportunities for rural exception sites

Employment and Retail

  • Ensures that the Local Centre retains retail and other associated uses
  • Ensures shopfronts reflect the historic character of the area
  • Designates the Frazer Nash site as a Strategic Employment site and set the site boundary having regard to its Green Belt location.

Green Spaces

  • Allocates the following Green Spaces:
  • Open Space, Chertsey Road
  • Open Space, Millpond Road
  • Open Space, Bosman Drive
  • Open Space, Donald Road
  • Open Space, Windmill Field
  • Windlesham Field of Remembrance
  • Windlesham Cemetery


  • Considers opportunities to improve cycle access to Woking

Development will also need to have regard to the general polices in the Local Plan and to the Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document.

Alternative Approach to Policies for Windlesham

To only rely on the general policies set out in the Local Plan.