Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Local Area Policies East of the Borough

9.43 The east of the Borough covers the settlement areas of Bisley, Chobham, Lightwater West End and Windlesham. The settlements of Bisley, Lightwater and West End are located along the A322 corridor and development will need to ensure that the gaps between these settlements are maintained, along with gaps between Bisley and Knaphill and Bisley and West End. The east of the Borough is characterised by Green Belt, Countryside beyond the Green Belt and large areas of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area. There are limited opportunities for development. The reserve housing sites at West End and Windlesham have now come forward and will be developed over the plan period. Planning permissions are in place for both sites. This section sets out approaches to local area policies for settlements in the east of the Borough.