Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Frimley Green

9.31 Frimley Green is located to the south of the neighbouring settlement of Frimley. Whilst it is a contiguous with the wider urban area of Frimley and Camberley, Frimley Green benefits from its own distinct identity at the village core, with a village green setting.

9.32 Frimley Green is home to Frimley Lodge Park, a Council owned Green Flag Park which offers formal and informal recreational facilities and events. The Park allows accessibility to the Basingstoke Canal and there may be opportunities to improve access and usage of the Canal above its current use. There are also a number of lakes in the west of the settlement following gravel extraction. Areas of Frimley Green to the north and west of Frimley Green are affected by flooding from the River Blackwater and its tributaries and areas lie within Flood Zones 2 and 3.

9.33 Frimley Green benefits from open green space at the centre of the village.

9.34 Frimley Green is home to SC Johnson. Although the factory site no longer operates the site is still used for administrative purposes. If the site becomes available through the Plan period (2016-2032) then there are opportunities for mixed use redevelopment of the site.

9.35 Frimley Green is identified as a Local Centre and has a range of shops and services.

9.36 There is no rail service from Frimley Green, although the area is bisected by two rail lines. Land at Sturt Chord is still safeguarded as potential to provided future rail access from the Camberley line onto the Woking mainline.

9.37 Frimley Green has scope for residential development and this will be primarily through the redevelopment of existing brownfield sites. To this end the Council considers that the previously developed site at Land West of Sturt Road, currently designated as Countryside beyond the Green Belt, is suitable to be allocated as a housing site in the new Local Plan.

Preferred Local Area Policy Approach for Frimley Green

The preferred approach seeks to ensure that new development within Frimley Green respects and recognises the character of the area and the opportunities for housing development in Frimley Green by having local area policies that:


  • Allocates Land West of Sturt Road for a housing site for circa 100 dwellings
  • Amends the settlement boundary to include this site within the settlement
  • Ensures other development sites that may come forward reflect the character of the area, including the historic character of Frimley Green.

Retail and Employment

  • Sets out that should the SC Johnson site become available that a development brief for a mixed use scheme will be produced.
  • Sets out a shop frontage and signage policy to reflect the character of the Local Centre
  • Sets the boundary of the Local Centre
  • Developments in Frimley Green Local Centre should ensure the vitality of this area as a Local Centre for retail

Green Spaces

  • Allocates the following Green Spaces:
  • Johnsons Wax Grounds, Frimley Green Road
  • Balmoral Drive East
  • Allotments, Wharf Road
  • Allotments, The Hatches
  • Frimley Green Recreation Ground, Frimley Green Road
  • Sandringham County First School, Sandringham Way
  • Playing Fields, Frimley CE Middle School, Frimley Green Road
  • Open Space, Hillside Crescent
  • Frimley Lodge Park


  • Continues to safeguard Sturt Road Chord.
  • Seeks improvement to cycle routes along the Basingstoke Canal
  • Requires travel plans for all new major development to help reduce congestion

Development will also need to have regard to the general polices in the Local Plan and to the Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document and Western Urban Area Character Supplementary Planning Document.

Alternative Approach to Policies for Frimley

To only rely on the general policies set out in the Local Plan.