Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018


9.24 Frimley is contiguous with the settlement of Camberley. Together Frimley and Camberley form the largest urban area in Surrey Heath. Frimley originated as a small, rural heathland community located on the historic London to Portsmouth coach route. Frimley was expanded and redeveloped in the latter 20th Century, although areas of the settlements architecture and historical interest remain.

9.25 Frimley is home to Frimley Park Hospital which is rated an outstanding hospital and is the Borough's largest employer. The hospital operates on a constrained site and to ensure the hospital can continue to meet the needs of its users it is proposed to work with the hospital to produce a development brief for the site.

9.26 Frimley contains the Strategic Employment Areas of Lyon Way and Albany Park, Frimley Business Park and Sir William Siemens Square.

9.27 Frimley High Street has benefited in recent years from an active Frimley Business Association. The High Street contains a good mix of uses and will continue to play an important role as a District Centre for local services, retail and employment.

9.28 The High Street is dominated by traffic, including traffic using the High Street to access the A325and A331. The Council considers there are opportunities to improve the public realm in Frimley High Street and to work with County on traffic management opportunities within the High Street. To this end the Council proposes that a Frimley High Street Development Brief be produced to consider issues including public realm improvements.

9.29 Frimley is served by a railway station (Ascot to Guildford line) and local bus services.

9.30 Frimley has scope for residential development and this will be primarily through the redevelopment of existing brownfield sites.

Preferred Local Area Policy Approach for Frimley

The preferred approach seeks to ensure that new development within Frimley respects and recognises the character of the area and the opportunities for Frimley High Street by having local area policies that:


  • Ensures development sites that may come forward reflect the character of the area, including the area around the Grove and St Peter's church.
  • Ensures residential developments in Frimley High Street should maintain the vitality of this area as a District Centre for retail and other associated uses

Retail and Employment

  • Sets the boundaries for the Strategic Employment Areas at Lyon Way, Albany Park, Frimley Business Park and Sir William Siemens Square, Frimley
  • Sets the Primary and Secondary retail boundaries in Frimley District Centre
  • Sets out a shop frontage and signage policy to reflect the character of the District Centre
  • Sets out a public realm improvement scheme for Frimley High Street, including traffic calming measures
  • Seeks a development brief for Frimley Park Hospital

Green Spaces

  • Allocates the following Green Spaces:
  • Heatherside Recreation Ground, Cumberland Road
  • Wellingtonia Avenue
  • Balmoral Drive West
  • Wood, Clewborough House School
  • Open Space Middlemoor Road
  • Allotments, Church Road
  • St Peters Church Cemetery, Church Road
  • Playing Field, Lakeside County Middle School, Alphington Ave
  • Open Space Field Lane/Belvoir Close
  • Tomlins Pond, Tomlinscote Way
  • Open Space, Lakeland Drive
  • Recreation Ground, Chobham Road
  • Recreation Ground, Frimley High Street
  • Open Space, Gilbert Road
  • Open Space, Badgers Wood Drive
  • Open Space, Holly Hedge Road
  • Warren Wood, Warren Rise
  • Play Space, Longmeadow
  • Play Space, Evergreen Road/Hawthorn Road
  • Open Space, Sheridan Road
  • Playing Field, Heather Ridge School
  • Open Space, Magurie Drive
  • Open Space, Roxburgh Close
  • Open Space, Amber Hill
  • Open Space, Cheylesmore Park
  • Open Space, Dawesmere Close
  • Wood, Wendover Drive
  • Open Space, Copped Hall Way
  • Playing Field and Woodland, Carwarden House/Ravenscote Jr School Upper Chobham Road
  • Camberley Heath Golf Course, Golf Drive
  • Frimley Park, Frimley Road
  • Wood, Tomlinscote School, Tomlinscote Way
  • The Grove Primary School, Chobham Road
  • St Augustines Catholic Primary School, Tomlinscote Way
  • Clewborough SANG


  • Promotes traffic calming measures within Frimley High Street
  • Requires travel plans for all new major development to help reduce congestion on the area around the Toshiba Roundabout
  • Recognises the need for improvements to the Toshiba Roundabout

Development will also need to have regard to the general polices in the Local Plan and to the Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document and Western Urban Area Character Supplementary Planning Document.

Alternative Approach to Policies for Frimley

To only rely on the general policies set out in the Local Plan