Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018


9.11 Camberley is the largest settlement within the Borough. It lies just beyond the Green Belt. Until the early 1800's the area now occupied by Camberley Town Centre and its surroundings was heathland and farm land. In 1862 the Staff College was established in the grounds of the Royal Military College and in order to accommodate the growth of shops and housing to serve the Staff College a basic street pattern was laid out, this was the beginning of the current centre. Camberley is home to the Royal Military Academy and the town retains close links with the military and its heritage. Camberley is the major retail and employment area in the Borough. Surrey Heath Borough Council has been working with the MOD through the One Public Estate Programme to look at development opportunities which may arise at the Staff College site.

9.12 Camberley is served by a train station (Ascot to Guildford line) and by a regular bus service to Farnborough and Aldershot. There are also bus services to Bracknell, Guildford, Woking and Yateley.

9.13 Camberley is identified as a Step up Town by the Enterprise M3 Local Economic Partnership (LEP), which means it has the potential for growth through a series of interventions, including housing, employment and retail growth.

9.14 Camberley contains Strategic Employment Areas, including strategic sites at Watchmoor Business Park, Admiralty Way Business Park and Yorktown, Industrial Estate and Locally Important Employment Areas at Bridge Trade and Industrial Park, St George's Industrial Estate and Helix Business Park.

9.15 Camberley has scope for residential development and this will be primarily through the redevelopment of existing brownfield sites. Much of the land to the north of the A30 is affected by the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area 400m buffer zone and as such this restricts the provision of general housing in this area.

9.16 Outside of Camberley Town Centre there are neighbourhood parades at the Old Dean, London Road/Frimley Road junction and the Watchetts parade in Frimley Road. The number of retail and associated uses in Watchetts (Frimley Road) indicate that it should now be considered as a Local Centre.

9.17 The A30 runs through Camberley and the area between the Meadows Gyratory and New Southern Road does not serve as an attractive gateway to Camberley. There are however a number of opportunity areas along this corridor which could be identified as mixed use regeneration areas. Development briefs will be produced for these areas. There are also opportunities to improve the Green Corridor along the A30.

Preferred Local Area Policy Approach for Camberley

The preferred approach seeks to ensure that new development within Camberley respects the character of Camberley whilst identifying areas of opportunity which could come forward through the lifetime of the Local Plan by having local area policies that:


  • Allocates the Adult Education Centre in France Hill Drive as a housing site for circa 45 dwellings
  • Ensures other development sites that may come forward reflect the character of the area
  • Seeks development along the A30 to provide opportunities to enhance the A30 Green Corridor by the use of appropriate landscaping

Retail and Employment

  • Sets the boundaries of the Strategic Employment Areas and Locally Important Employment Areas
  • Designates Watchetts shopping parade, Frimley Road , as a Local Centre

Green Spaces

  • Allocates the Following Green Spaces:
  • Recreation Ground, Bracknell Road
  • Playing Field, Cordwalles School Junior School
  • Entrance to Wellington Park
  • Frimley Hall Hotel, Lime Avenue
  • Playing Fields Camberley Co First School (Camberley Infant and Nursery School), France Hill Drive
  • Allotments, Brook Road
  • Allotments, Crabtree Road
  • Playspace, Orchard Way
  • Playspace, Bain Avenue
  • Watchetts Recreation Ground
  • Playing Field, Watchetts School
  • Cricket Ground, Kingsley Avenue
  • Playing Fields, Kings International, Watchetts Drive
  • Playing Fields, Priors Heath Infant School, Priors Road
  • Southcote Park, Portsmouth Road
  • Open Space, Iberian Way
  • Crabtree Park, Crabtree Road
  • Open Space, Caesars Camp Road
  • Krooner Park, Krooner Road
  • Kings Crescent, Kings Ride
  • Tekels Park, Tekels Avenue
  • Open Space, Highlands Road
  • Playing Fields, Collingwood College, Kingston Road
  • Crawley Ridge Junior School, Crawley Ridge
  • Recreation Ground, Grand Avenue
  • Playing fields Bristow Infant and Nursery School
  • Open Space within Wellington Park
  • Allotments, Barossa Road
  • Open Space, Deanside
  • Open Space Martell Close
  • Open Space Peninsular Close
  • Open Space south of Clarence Drive
  • Diamond Ridge Woods SANG
  • Barossa recreation ground
  • Watchmoor Reserve
  • Open space, Upland Road
  • Riverside way open space


  • Requires travel plans for all new major development to help reduce congestion on the A30/ Frimley Road
  • Seeks improvements to the London Road / Frimley Road junction

Opportunity Areas

  • Identifies the following areas as opportunity areas for mixed use developments, including housing, and potential highway improvements
  • Land at 443-487 London Road, including possibilities to improve the Bracebridge Link to the rear.
  • Land at 357-369 London Road and 1-13 Frimley Road, including possibilities for rear access and improvements to the junction of London Road and Frimley Road
  • Development briefs will be produced for these areas

Development will also need to have regard to the general polices in the Local Plan and to the Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document and the Western Urban Area Character Supplementary Planning Document.

Alternative Approach to Policies for Camberley

To only rely on the general policies set out in the Local Plan