Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018


9.8 Bagshot lies in the north of the Borough between Camberley and the village of Windlesham. It lies in a prominent position on the A30. Bagshot still contains some of the character of an historic Surrey village, assisted by the domestic scale of the buildings in the centre and the heritage assets and a Conservation Area around its historic village centre. The Conservation Area extends into the northern end of Bagshot around Church Road. The Village contains a good mix of uses and will continue to play an important role as a district centre for local services, retail and employment. The recent Waitrose and other retail development at the junction of London Road and Waterers Way lies apart from the main retail centre and lies within land designated as Countryside beyond the Green Belt. The village centre is served by a railway station (Ascot to Guildford line) and local bus services. The A30 runs through Bagshot and concern has been raised by residents regarding peak time congestion on this route.

9.9 Redevelopment of existing brownfield sites will provide the main opportunities for the provision of housing and employment whilst maintaining the gap between the settlement areas of Bagshot and Camberley. Bagshot's eastern defined settlement boundary is bordered by the Green Belt. Land to the north of the A30 is within the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area 400m buffer zone and as such this restricts the provision of general housing in this area.

9.10 The Windlebrook flows through Bagshot and some areas of Bagshot are affected by flooding, lying within Flood Zones 2 and Flood Zones 3.

Preferred Local Area Policy Approach for Bagshot

The preferred approach seeks to ensure that new development within Bagshot respects and enhances the character of the historic settlement. The approach also seeks to take into account recent changes in Bagshot by having local area policies that:


  • Allocates Woodside Cottage as a housing site for circa 40 dwellings
  • Allocates Land at Half Moon Street as a mixed use site, including circa 47 dwellings
  • Ensures other development sites that may come forward reflect the historic character of Bagshot both within and adjacent to the Bagshot Village and Church Road Conservation Areas
  • Ensures development along the A30 to provides opportunities to enhance the A30 Green Corridor by the use of appropriate landscaping

Retail and Employment

  • Amends the settlement boundary to bring the retail development at London Road and Waterers Way(Waitrose, Cotswold Outdoor and Pets at Home) into the settlement area
  • Sets the Primary and Secondary retail boundaries in Bagshot District Centre to reflect the most recent assessment of retail provision

Green Spaces

  • Allocates the following Green Spaces:
  • Open space, School Lane
  • Cemetery, Chapel Lane
  • Open Space, St Marys Gardens
  • Land East of Freemantle Road
  • Land South of Whitmoor Road
  • Open Space, Waggoners Hollow
  • Open Space, Hawkesworth Drive
  • Playspace, Freemantle Road
  • Playing Fields, Bagshot County First School
  • Woodland, Notcutts Nursery/Woodside Cottage
  • Pond, Church Road
  • Open Space, Yaverland Drive (East)
  • Open Space, Yaverland Drive (West)
  • Playing fields, Connaught Middle School
  • Bagshot Playing Field
  • Notcutts SANG
  • Bagshot Allotments


  • Promotes traffic calming measures within Bagshot Village Centre
  • Requires travel plans for all new major development to help reduce congestion on the A30

Development will also need to have regard to the relevant general polices in the Local Plan, including policies on shopfront and signage design and to the Residential Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document.

Alternative Approach to Policies for Bagshot

To only rely on the relevant general policies set out in the Local Plan.