Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

9 Local Areas

 Image 8 - Local Areas


9.1 This section of the Issues and Options document sets out approaches to place specific polices for local areas within the Borough. This approach reflects the spatial strategy for the Borough. Development will need to have regard to general policies set out in the Local Plan as well as any site specific policies and local design guides.

National Policy Context

9.2 The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), 2012, (Para 56) recognises the need for Local Plans to include policies on design and to promote or reinforce local distinctiveness (Para 60).

View the national policies relating to design and character in more detail, which are located in the online version of the Government's NPPF.

9.3 National Planning Practice Guidance recognises the importance of good design and the role planning plays in promoting local character.


Local Strategies and Evidence

9.4 The preferred policy approach would support the objectives set out in Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy 2016-2021.One of the Council's principle objectives is to promote high quality building and design. Local Area policies will help achieve this objective.

9.5 The following policies will be replaced in the New Local Plan (2016-2032)

Relevant Policies in the adopted Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD 2012

  • CP3 Scale and Distribution of Housing
  • CP10 Camberley Town Centre
  • CP13 Green Infrastructure
  • DM9 Design Principles
  • DM17 Heritage

Relevant Policies in the Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan

  • TC14 London Road Block
  • TC15 Camberley Station
  • TC17 Pembroke Broadway (North)
  • TC18 Land East of Knoll Road
  • TC19 Former Magistrates Court
  • TC20 The Granary


Draft Objective for Local Area Policies

9.6 The following table sets out the draft objective for Local Area policies in the Issues and Options/Preferred Options consultation draft.

Objective K

To ensure that development provided within the Borough has regard to the local area.