Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Air Quality

6.17 Surrey Heath sits in the west of Surrey, either side of the M3 motorway. Vehicle emissions account for a large proportion of local air pollution in the Borough. The Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has identified the following Air Quality management Area (AQMA) within Surrey Heath:

'The strip of land from Frimley Road Camberley to Ravenswood Roundabout Camberley which embraces the M3 Motorway and the houses on both sides of the motorway which border the highway.'

6.18 At present it is not known whether the M3 Smart Motorway works undertaken by Highways England will have a positive impact on reducing pollutants.

6.19 In considering the amount of future development in the Borough, the Council will also need to consider the cumulative impact of air quality and pollutants on the Special Areas of Conservation within the Borough.

6.20 Planning policies can have an important role in helping to minimise local air pollution by influencing the location of polluting developments. The Council through its planning application validation process sets out when an air quality assessment will be required to take account of the impact of new development on air quality. The Council will seek new development to incorporate technologies and to use green infrastructure to limit the impact of air pollution.