Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Meeting Housing Needs, Housing Mix and Affordability

3.43 The NPPF (2012) sets out that Local Planning Authorities should plan for a mix of housing to meet local needs for different groups. The NPPF also sets out that the size type tenure and range of housing should also be identified. The Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) 2016 for surrey Heath, Hart and Rushmoor sets out the mix of housing recommended across the Housing Market Area as well as the amount of affordable homes and the need for specialist housing. The Council will seek to deliver a wide variety of high quality homes that will provide the types, size and tenure of housing to meet the needs identified.

3.44 The 2016 SHMA identifies the following broad mix of future dwellings for market and affordable housing.


1 bed

2 bed

3 bed

4 bed

Market Housing





Affordable Housing



30% (approx. 10% 4 plus)



3.45 Any policy on Housing mix should be able to react to changing circumstances therefore the mix of homes does not set out the size of homes. In bringing forward proposals developers and landowners will need to have regard to the Borough wide housing mix target set out in the 2016 SHMA (and any subsequent successors) as a starting point when bringing sites forward. The council recognises that not all sites will be able to provide a full mix of dwelling sizes.

Policy Approaches to Housing Mix and Type

3.46 The preferred policy approach and an alternative approach to housing mix and type are set out below.


Preferred Policy Approach to Housing Mix and Type

The aim of the preferred policy approach is to provide a mix of dwellings to meet the needs of current and future households by having a policy that:

  • Seeks an appropriate mix of dwelling types , reflecting the most up to date evidence in the SHMA
  • Provides dwellings that are adaptable to changing life circumstances
  • Seeks a proportion of dwellings on sites over 20 dwellings to be delivered in accordance with Building Regulations M4 (2) *or any future Building Regulation requirements, to ensure these dwellings are accessible and adaptable.
  • Has regard to the sites size and site specific viability.
  • Design should be tenure blind.

Alternative Approach to Housing Mix and Type

To have a policy which sets out a specific mix, dependent on the site's size.

 * Requirement M4(2) is where a new dwelling makes reasonable provision for most people to access the dwelling and incorporates features that make it potentially suitable for a wide range of occupants, including older people, those with reduced mobility and some wheelchair users