Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

The Spatial Strategy

2.30 To deliver the sustainable growth to enable the Borough to meet the Council's ambitions to make Surrey Heath an even better place to live and work and to support and promote the local economy the Council will permit development which is consistent with the following spatial strategy for the scale and location of development.

2.31 The spatial strategy will help inform the overall distribution of growth in Surrey Heath and help in identifying sites to achieve this and to ensure deliverability. The spatial strategy seeks to plan for a variety of sites over the Plan period. This will provide opportunities for small and medium sized developers.

2.32 The priority of the spatial strategy is to direct development to the most sustainable locations. The strategy will promote and maximise the use of brownfield sites (previously developed land) with new development directed to the identified urban settlements. The spatial strategy also carries forward the strategic housing site at Princess Royal Barracks (Mindenhurst) in Deepcut.

2.33 However to ensure delivery of the housing required throughout the Plan period (2016-2032), the Council has had to consider if sites that are currently designated as Countryside beyond the Green Belt should be released and settlement boundaries amended. The spatial strategy also seeks to ensure that development within the Green Belt will be strictly limited in line with the NPPF. This approach is also reflected in the preferred policy approach set out in Policies on Green Belt and Countryside beyond the Green Belt of this draft Issues and Preferred Options consultation document.

2.34 A Statement of Common Ground has been signed by Surrey Heath, Hart and Rushmoor which sets out that the approach taken by the three authorities in their Local Plans will ensure that the housing need within the Housing Market Area can be met over the Plan period. This approach is taken forward in Hart's Pre-Submission Local Plan 2018.

2.35 In developing the spatial strategy the Council has undertaken a number of background studies including Countryside beyond the Green Belt and Green Belt Site Appraisals, an Interim Capacity Study, Traffic Modelling work, an Infrastructure Needs Assessment and a Green Belt and Countryside Study.

Preferred Approach to the Spatial Strategy


Over the period 2016 to 2032, the Council will make, subject to the availability of deliverable avoidance and mitigation measures in respect of the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area, provision for the delivery of circa 4,901 new homes in the Borough. Development will primarily come forward through the use of previously developed land and will be focussed in the west of the Borough in the defined urban areas. As set out in the most recent set of monitoring data for housing, provided in the 2017 SLAA, these homes will be delivered as follows.

  • 226 homes were completed in the monitoring year 2016-2017
  • 2,294 sites have planning permission or are under construction, including 1,198 at Mindenhurst, Deepcut
  • 373 are provided for in the small sites windfall allowance

Total homes achieved = 2,893

This leaves sites 2,739 units required to meet the Government's standardised methodology derived figure of 5,632.

These will be delivered through the following approach:

  • 612 dwellings from proposed allocations in Camberley Town Centre (sites not with permission)*
  • 260 dwellings from proposed allocations in settlement areas and at existing Reserve Sites, where not yet permitted
  • 250 dwellings from proposed allocations in sites currently located in Countryside Beyond the Green Belt
  • 886 dwellings from other small to medium sized sites identified in the SLAA as Deliverable and Developable.

Total number of homes to be delivered from allocated and SLAA sites: 2,008

Overall total of homes to be delivered in Surrey Heath over the plan period: 4,901

The remaining unmet need of 731 units will be met within the Housing Market Area.


The Borough's Strategic and Locally Important Employment Sites will be protected and supported for employment uses to ensure that the future employment land needs of the Borough and wider Hart, Rushmoor and Surrey Heath Functional Economic Area (FEA) can be met.


Surrey Heath's hierarchy of town centres, district centres and local centres will be maintained and enhanced by encouraging a range of uses which reflect the scale of the centre. New retail development must protect or enhance the vitality and viability of the town centres, district centre and local neighbourhood facilities

Camberley Town Centre will have been improved and will remain the primary shopping centre for the Borough and be the focus for new retail development

Green Belt and the Countryside

The current extent of the Green Belt will be maintained and development in the Green Belt will be strictly limited.

Development in the Countryside beyond the Green Belt which results in the coalescence of settlements will not be permitted.

Development in the Countryside beyond the Green Belt will be subject to greater limitations than development in settlement areas.

Alternative Approaches to Spatial Strategy

  • To not set out where development would come from but to consider proposals on a site by site basis.
  • This approach would not give certainty to developers, landowners and the community as to where development would take place in the Borough.
  • To not release land from the Countryside beyond the Green Belt.

This approach would not be the most sustainable option for delivering homes within the Borough.

*The majority of these sites have been carried forward from the Council's adopted Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan (2014)


Key Diagram

 Key diagram final