Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Vision for the Borough

2.28 The Council, through the Local Plan process, is seeking to deliver vibrant communities with a distinct identity in keeping with the character of their surroundings, and which enhance the local landscape and biodiversity. We want to ensure that development takes place in the right place and makes a positive contribution to people's lives, including their health and wellbeing, through the provision of homes and jobs alongside social and leisure opportunities, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment. The vision for the Borough is set out below.

By 2032 Surrey Heath will have maintained a high quality of life and retained its distinct identity of towns and villages whilst taking the growth identified in the Local Plan. In delivering growth the Council will seek opportunities to enhance neighbourliness and prevent isolation.

The natural Heathland environment and the character of towns and villages will be protected and enhanced. Green Infrastructure will play a large part in maintaining the character of the Borough and in promoting health and wellbeing.

Camberley Town Centre will be recognised as a successful thriving vibrant centre offering retail and cultural facilities which benefit the Borough as a whole. The Borough's District Centres at Frimley and Bagshot will continue to thrive and continue to play an important role as centres for local services, retail and employment. The Council will seek opportunities to work with landowners to improve the character and design of the Borough's local and neighbourhood centres.

The Borough will take advantage of the economic vitality of the area, have a diverse and thriving economy and work to influence and encourage improved road and rail transport.

Wherever new housing is delivered it will respond to local needs and requirements as far as possible in terms of type, size and tenure and will reflect the distinctive character of the Borough's towns and villages. Large scale development will be of exemplar quality and will be designed to recognise the opportunities for providing renewable and low carbon energy schemes including other suitable new or alternative technologies that may come forward during the lifetime of the Local Plan.