Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Key Challenges

1) The overriding challenge for the Borough will be to deliver additional development and infrastructure that benefits the changing population but which does not compromise the quality of life of existing residents or cause harm to the environment and yield environmental net gains.

2) The challenge will also be to ensure that development which takes place is supported by the necessary physical, social and community infrastructure This will mean cross boundary working in some instances and working with Surrey County Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership (EM3 LEP) to ensure funding and delivery.

3) In delivering housing to meet the need identified a key challenge will be to determine how much of this need can be met within the Borough having regard to land availability, as well as environmental and policy constraints, in particular the impact of the Thames Basin Heaths SPA as well as other designated national and local sites of nature importance and the Metropolitan Green Belt on housing delivery.

4) Providing a range of housing which helps meets the needs of all the Borough's residents will also need to be addressed through the provision of a mix of housing.

5) To ensure the ongoing economic success of the Borough the challenge will be not only to retain existing employment land but to provide opportunities for new businesses to locate into the Borough. Recognising the possibilities for a more flexible approach to the use of existing employment floorspace could help meet changing patterns of how business operate, in particular small and medium enterprises.

6) The Council is taking a pro-active approach to ensuring the delivery of a regenerated town centre. The Local Plan will need to ensure that the Borough's District Centres of Bagshot and Frimley can continue to operate successfully by developing policies to ensure the viability and vibrancy of these centres.

7) To ensure that development within the Green Belt and Countryside beyond the Green Belt does not have a detrimental impact on the openness of the Green Belt and on the character of Countryside beyond the Green Belt.

8) Within Surrey Heath, there are many buildings and structures that may not meet the criteria for nationally listed buildings at present but do add to the unique identity of the Borough, including Victorian and Edwardian and early 20th Century houses. The result is that many fine buildings and structures that represent the early growth of areas like Camberley are unprotected by the statutory listing process. The significance of such assets needs to be properly understood, so that their architectural, historical, archaeological or artistic interest is not at risk of unacceptable erosion or loss through alteration or change. As such the Borough needs to ensure that new development makes the most efficient use of land and buildings, but at the same time protect and enhance its designated and undesignated heritage assets, the quality of the built environment, open space and the public realm, including the Victorian and Edwardian character of Camberley High Street.

Constraints Map

Constraints map