Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Telecommunications and Broadband

6.112 High speed broadband and telecommunications is becoming more essential to support sustainable economic growth, including growth of homeworking. High speed broadband also provides opportunities for better delivery of local services and enhances the provision of community facilities.

6.113 Some areas of the Borough, including Lightwater, have benefitted from the Superfast Surrey Programme. This programme is currently jointly funded by Surrey County Council, BT and Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and its aim is to deploy fibre based infrastructure to residents and businesses that have been excluded from commercial rollouts. However the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme funded by BDUK is due to end in December 2017 and Superfast Surrey is expected to roll-out over 2018-2019 with the BT contract ending in 2022.

6.114 In meeting future requirements brought about by new residential and business development the Council will seek for all new properties to be served by high speed reliable broadband, or any new or alternative technologies that may come forward during the lifetime of the Local Plan, or to incorporate the necessary infrastructure to allow access to broadband services at a later date.

6.115 With regard to the provision of telecommunication masts, the Council will work with the industry to ensure that new masts and equipment are sympathetically designed to cause minimum intrusion.

National Policy Context

6.116 In the preparation of this section regard has been had to paragraphs 42-26 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), 2012 which sets out the Government's approach to the expansion of electronic communication networks, including telecommunications and high speed broadband.

View the national policies relating to telecommunications in more detail, located within the online version of the Government's NPPF.


Local Strategies and Evidence

6.117 The preferred policy approach would support Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy 2016-2021. One of the Council's principal objectives is to support and promote our local economy so that people can work and do business across Surrey Heath.

View the full version of Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy, located on the Council's website.

6.118 The following policies will be replaced by the new Local Plan (2016-2032).

Relevant Policies in the adopted Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD 2012

Policy CP12 Infrastructure Delivery and Implementation

Policy DM9 Design Principles

Draft Objective for Telecommunications

6.119 The following table sets out the draft objective for telecommunications in the Issues and Options/Preferred Options consultation draft.

Objective D

To ensure that development within the Borough is supported by the necessary physical, social and green infrastructure to meet the needs of future Surrey Heath residents.

Policy Approaches to Telecommunications and Broadband

6.120 The preferred policy approach and an alternative approach are set out below.

Preferred Policy Approach to Telecommunications and Broadband

The aim of this policy approach is to ensure that any new development provides or makes future provision for the delivery of high speed broadband or any suitable new or alternative technologies and that the impact of telecommunication masts is minimised by having a policy that:

  • Seeks the provision of , or allows for the future provision of ,high speed broadband or other suitable technologies in new developments.
  • Sets out that the provision of telecommunication equipment should not have an adverse impact on the visual amenity of the surrounding area or on the external appearance of buildings.
  • Seeks evidence that the possibility of mast sharing and alternative sites has been explored.

Alternative Approach to Telecommunications

To have a Telecommunications Policy but for the requirement of broadband or other suitable technologies provision to be covered in a Design Policy.