Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Transport Infrastructure

6.68 Surrey County Council is the lead authority in delivering and maintaining transport infrastructure in Surrey Heath. This infrastructure includes roads, public transport, cycle ways and footpaths. In delivering this infrastructure the needs of all the community needs to be taken into account, including people with disabilities and the elderly, to ensure safe and reliable transport. It is recognised that accessibility to public transport varies across the Borough with Camberley Frimley and Bagshot having accessibility to a variety of transport opportunities (rail, bus, and cycling), while other areas of the Borough having limited or no access to alternatives other than the car.

6.69 Surrey County Council produced a Local Transport Strategy for Surrey Heath (2015) as part of a wider Surrey Local Transport Plan (LTP3). This strategy will help support growth in Surrey Heath and provide a programme of transport infrastructure required within the towns and villages in the Borough. The Strategy will also form an evidence base for future funding bids.

View the Local Transport Strategy for Surrey Heath (2015), located within the Local Transport Strategies and Forward Programmes section of Surrey County Council's website.

6.70  Surrey Heath Borough Council have appointed Surrey County Council to undertake traffic modelling to help understand the impact of new development both within and adjacent to the Borough on the highway network. This work is ongoing. It is essential that new developments integrate into and provide safe and suitable access to the highway network. Safe walking and cycling routes should be provided where appropriate

6.71 The Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan sets out a number of transport improvements including policies on accessibility, improvements to the highway network and access for pedestrians. These policies will be carried forward in the new Local Plan. Camberley Station is identified as an opportunity area in the Area Action Plan with the aim of integrating better access to the station and links to bus stops in Pembroke Broadway. With regard to improved rail services from Camberley Station the Council will continue to work with local amenity groups, Network Rail, the rail operator and the County Council in seeking to achieve this.


National Policy Context

6.72 In the preparation of this section regard has been had to paragraphs 29-41 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), 2012 which sets out the Government's approach to sustainable modes of transport.

6.73 The Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) sets out that it is important for local planning authorities to undertake an assessment of the transport implications in developing or reviewing their Local Plan that a robust transport evidence base may be developed to support the preparation and/or review of that Plan.

View the national policies relating to transport infrastructure in more detail, located within the online version of the Government's NPPF.


Sub Regional Context

6.74 Surrey County Council's Local Transport Plan (LTP3) sets out the strategy for transport infrastructure in Surrey Heath. The Surrey Heath Local Transport Study and Forward Programme 2015 produced by Surrey County Council, sets out an approach for providing a mechanism for prioritising and delivering transport schemes to meet the aims and ambitions of both Surrey County Council and Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Local Strategies and Evidence

6.75 The preferred approach would support the objectives set out in Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy 2016-2021. One of the Council's principal objectives is to work with partners to support our urban and rural economy through strategic development planning and economic growth.

View the full version of Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy located on the Council's website.

6.76 The following policies will be replaced in the new Local Plan (2016-2032).

Relevant Policies in the adopted Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD 2012

Policy CP11 Movement

Policy CP12 Infrastructure Delivery and Implementation

DM9 Design Principles

DM11 Traffic Management and Highway Safety

Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan

TC7 Accessibility

TC8 Improvements to the Highway Network

TC9 Pedestrians

TC15 Camberley Station

Draft Objective for Transport

6.77 The following table sets out the draft objective for transport in the Issues and Options/Preferred Options consultation draft.

Objective D

To ensure that development within the Borough is supported by the necessary physical, social and green infrastructure to meet the needs of future Surrey Heath residents.


Policy Approaches to Transport

6.78 The preferred policy approach and an alternative approach are set out below.

Preferred Policy Approach to Transport

The aim of this policy approach seeks to ensure that development provides flexibility in the choice of transport modes, including sustainable transport by having a transport policy that:

  • Ensures that development does not have a severe impact on the operation, safety or accessibility on local or strategic highway networks.
  • Seeks mitigation for the impacts on the local or strategic highway networks, including cumulative impacts where appropriate, either through the provision of or contribution to necessary and relevant transport improvements.
  • Seeks the provision of opportunities for non-car means of transport, including links to public transport and cycle ways and improvements to existing cycle links and routes.

Development proposals that generate a significant amount of traffic generation will be required to provide a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan.

Alternative Approach to Transport

To not require a Transport Assessment in the Transport policy but to rely on the Council's validation of Planning Applications Guidance document.