Surrey Heath Draft Local Plan Issues Options/Preferred Options, 2018

Community Infrastructure (community centres, halls, healthcare and education facilities, cultural facilities)

6.80 The Borough has a wide range of community and cultural facilities which provide for a variety of uses. These uses are provided by a number of organisations, including the Borough Council, Parish Councils and the private sector. In considering the need for new community or cultural facilities arising from development the Council will consider whether these needs could be met by the enhancement of existing facilities or by co-locating facilities. If this is not achievable or feasible then new community and cultural facilities will be required. The loss of existing community or cultural facilities will be resisted unless they can be re-located. Strategic development sites will be required to provide new facilities on site through the provision of multi- use community buildings.

6.81 The Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan Policy TC6 Leisure, Community and Cultural Uses, sets out that that permission will be granted for proposals which enhance or diversify the range of leisure and community facilities within the Town Centre. Policies in respect of the leisure, community and cultural uses within the Town Centre will be carried forward in a new Local Plan policy.

6.82 Surrey County Council is responsible for the provision of primary and secondary education in the Borough. The Schools Organisation Plan (2016) sets out current and proposed requirements. Larger scale developments may be required to provide for on-site primary schools or contribute to expansion of existing schools subject to discussion with Surrey County Council in respect of need and capacity. In respect of secondary school places this will in most cases be through contributions subject to discussion with Surrey County Council.

6.83 A concern of residents is the impact of new development on GP services. Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and North West Surrey CCG commission health services for residents in Surrey Heath. Local Plan policies cannot insist that GP provision is provided. However, where large scale development takes place the Council will work with the CCGs to ensure the needs of new communities are taken into account. This may be by providing GPs and other health providers with space within multi-use community buildings.

National Policy Context

6.84 In the preparation of this section regard has been had to paragraphs 69-78 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), 2012 which sets out the Government's approach to promoting healthy communities, including the provision of social, recreational and cultural facilities.

Sub Regional Context

6.85 Surrey County Council's Schools Organisation Plan sets out information on primary and secondary school places in the Borough. The Frimley Health Sustainability and Transformation Plan sets out how by working with councils, the NHS and community partners, services for people's physical and mental wellbeing will be more accessible, closer to home and delivered in a more straightforward way.

Local Strategies and Evidence

6.86 The preferred policy approach would support the objectives set out in Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy 2016-2021. One of the Council's principal objectives is to build and encourage communities where people can live happily and healthily and to work with key partners to improve the health and well -being of our communities.

View the full version of Surrey Heath's Five Year Strategy, located on the Council's website.

6.87 The following policies will be replaced in the new Local Plan (2016-2032).

Relevant Policies in the adopted Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD 2012

Policy CP12 Infrastructure Delivery and Implementation

Policy DM9 Design Principles

Policy DM14 Community and Cultural Facilities

Camberley Town Centre Area Action Plan

TC6 Leisure Community and Cultural Uses

Draft Objective for Community Uses

6.88 The following table sets out the draft objective for community uses in the Issues and Options/Preferred Options consultation draft.

Objective D

To ensure that development within the Borough is supported by the necessary physical, social and green infrastructure to meet the needs of future Surrey Heath residents.

Policy Approaches to Community Infrastructure

6.89 The preferred policy approach and an alternative approach are set out below.

Preferred Policy Approach to Community Infrastructure

The aim of this policy approach is to identify through new development opportunities to enhance or improve community and cultural facilities in the Borough by having a policy that:

  • Considers what opportunities there are to provide additional community and cultural facilities through enhancement or co-location of existing uses.
  • Provides new community and cultural facilities on strategic development sites through the provision of multi -functional community buildings.
  • Provision or enhancement of community and cultural facilities should have regard to current or new technologies which may come forward through the lifetime of the Local Plan.
  • Resists the loss of existing community or cultural facilities unless demand can be met from alternative provision and that there is no demand for the existing facility by other community or cultural uses.

Alternative Approach to Community Infrastructure

A proposed alternative approach is to consider the requirements for community infrastructure on strategic development sites in a specific policy for such sites rather than in a more generic policy.